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Latex Care

Why should you care for your latex?

  • remember that latex is a natural product and it can oxidizes so if you want to keep your latex like, you need to care for it in a proper way.

So how should you care for latex?

  • remember to wash away all powder from latex before the first use,
  • always wear your latex with silicone products which are dermatologically tested,
  • put the latex only on a clean body,
  • store your latex in recommended packages, after cleaning and protecting it with proper silicone product,
  • protect your latex from sunlight (suggested dark and dry places) and sharp things.

What can destroy your latex?

  • wearing it on textil clothes,
  • ironing,
  • dry cleaning,
  • smoking in latex,
  • fire,
  • wearing it with the use of oils (e.g. vaseline, baby oils),
  • wearing it together with metal things,
  • using untested silicone products,
  • sharp things.

How should you dress your latex?

  • wash it in warm water with an approved latex shampoo to rinse away all dirt,
  • replace the water and add silicone product to finish washing latex clothes,
  • dry your latex (without any automatic dryers),
  • clean your body and patiently put on your latex with the proper silicone product

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